Microfinanza offers the following professional advice, consultancy and coaching services:


Assessment and Evaluation

Microfinanza has an in-depth experience in the assessment and evaluation of MFI’s operations (including institutional diagnostics and donor loan portfolio reviews) and microfinance projects and programs. Microfinanza’s evaluation and assessment tools are based on a proven methodology with a long track record of implementation.   The company promotes and carries out different kinds of studies and surveys related to the microfinance sector: market and feasibility studies on the demand and supply of financial services, country assessments, product design and development, financial inclusion and financial literacy, social/ethical finance, among others. Studies are conducted using both quantitative and qualitative techniques (questionnaires, focus groups, interviews).

Institutional Strengthening

Given its extensive experience, Microfinanza offers support to financial institutions (MFIs, cooperatives, NGOs, MDIs, banks) in different operational areas to strengthen management practices and internal competency. Microfinanza provides tailored technical assistance and capacity building services with day-to-day and desk support activities based on the effective needs and the specific objectives the financial institutions want to achieve.


Additionally, training activities complement the advisory and consultancy services that Microfinanza Srl offers in the different areas of expertise. The company has a wide experience in delivering training courses for investors and practitioners in different contexts (universities, training of MFI staff, training of local consultants); Microfinanza Srl staff is part of the Boulder Microfinance Training Centre faculty (both in Turin, Italy and in San Jose, Costa Rica) and is involved in the improvement of best practice standards and training on MFI governance evaluation and development.


Microfinanza Srl realizes and promotes several kinds of studies and tailor made researches for several typologies of clients such as studies and researches on different topics, market studies, microfinance products development, positioning strategies for MFIs in local markets, social and ethical finance, financial behaviors of the most disadvantages people, financial literacy and mapping of financial products and services (offer and demand).

Project Management 

Microfinanza Srl has maturated an important experience in project management that was built during 15 years of assignments worldwide different for the context, typology of client, and size of the project.

Microfinanza’s services are provided in the following areas of expertise:

  • Rural microfinance

Microfinanza Srl can boast a deep experience in microfinance rural and agricultural projects. Several projects with rural microfinance components have been undertaken, including: designing and implementing rural credit programmes; agricultural value chain analyses and value chain financing (mapping, inventory of financial services providers, identification of critical constraints and agricultural finance scheme setting); pre-financing schemes for fair-trade, organic and conventional commodities.

  • Social Performance and Client Protection 

The company has gained an extensive experience in providing TA services related to Social Performance Management (SPM) and Consumer Protection (CP), including training, assessments, strategic advice and coaching, development of monitoring system, and operational guidance. Microfinanza’s experts are internationally recognized with the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and Smart Campaign, and activities are aligned with the international practices of SPM (USSPM SPTF - Universal Standards of SPM), client protection principles (Smart Campaign CPP) and main poverty assessment tools (Grameen Foundation’s Progress Out of Poverty Index –PPI- and poverty scorecards; USAID’s Poverty Assessment Tools - PAT).

  • Financial inclusion tools

In order to contribute to increasing financial and social inclusion also in industrialized countries, since 2006 Microfinanza has been involved in improving access to finance for low-income populations and disadvantaged groups in Italy and other European countries. Microfinanza has thus developed an important experience in these new areas of interest for the sector, such as remittances and financial services for migrants and their families.

  • Credit reporting platforms gap analysis

In the last three years, the Company has successfully implemented TA assignments related to the gap analysis and the upgrading of local credit reporting systems in different countries (MENA, UEMOA area, Sao Tomé and Principe) for International organizations and donors (IFC and World Bank Group). The focus has been on both: i) banks and financial institutions; and ii) microfinance institutions.

  • Green microfinance

Since 2012, Microfinanza has also been working to promote access to clean energy technologies (solar home systems, improved cook stoves, biogas digesters, etc.) for low income households, by leveraging MFIs’ financing skills and distribution networks. As part of these efforts, the company has developed an innovative business modelling methodology to support financial institutions and energy companies in designing and implementing sustainable financing and delivery models for renewable energy products.

  • Corporate governance, Risk Management and Business Planning

Governance, risk management and business planning are key issues in a MFI by which its board and management balance the interests of all the stakeholders, guide the institution in fulfilling its corporate mission and protect its assets, preventing and overcoming crises. Microfinanza provides state-of-the-art TA and training on the principles and key aspects of corporate governance in microfinance, the set-up of customized risk management frameworks and the elaboration of strategic and operational plans with financial projections.