Microfinanza Srl is a fully independent company registered in the year 2000 as an Italian Limited Liability Company (LLC, Società a responsabilità Limitata) specialized in providing qualified services and technical support to the microfinance sectorworldwide.

Our mission to boost financial inclusion and to support the growth and professionalization of the microfinance sector by providing expertise and innovative solutions to Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and the microfinance infrastructure, and improving financial capabilities of different targets, including micro-entrepreneurs. 

In more than fifteen years of experience, Microfinanza Srl has acquired an in-depth knowledge and developed a performing working methodology in several kinds of assignments: advisory and consultancy projects, provision of training, assessment and evaluation, and preparation of studies and research.

Microfinanza Srl developed and implemented more than one hundred and fifty  projects in a large number of countries, in total 65 since the inception in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and South East Asia, MENA countries, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Balkans and Europe. All our experts have gained significant experience in most developing countries and transition economies. 

Our clients are mainly multilateral and bilateral organizations, microfinance institutions (MFIs), public entities, banks, cooperatives and other financial institutions, foundations, investors, non-governmental organizations, associations and private companies.