Areas of Interventions

Financial Education and Social Entrepreneurship

We provide a broad range of services related to financial education and social business coaching, where business support comes as one of the steps within a comprehensive financial education program; it includes design and delivery of entrepreneurship learning models supported by smart tools for designing business models and business plans.

The approach we pursue starts by working on financial knowledge, then shifts towards skills improvement and, ultimately, focuses on a sustainable acquisition of positive financial behaviors. We have designed innovative and experience-based learning processes aiming to translate financial knowledge into daily practices.

We measure the impact of our interventions by means of an impact evaluation toolkit aimed at assessing enduring improvements in financial well-being, financial resilience and access to financial services, with special attention to social sustainability.

The learning program is twofold: an extensive program designed to train trainers, and a program for the most financially vulnerable ones such as migrants and refugees, youth and students, women, rural residents, cooperatives, micro entrepreneurs and farmers.

“Understanding is the heartwood of well-spoken words.”

Gautama Buddha

The main themes tackled are grouped into five macro-categories:

  1. Tracking cash flows and budgeting
  2. Savings management
  3. Debt management
  4. Access to formal financial services
  5. Entrepreneurship and financial negotiations