Smart agro-inputs distribution to save the harvest and the livelihood of sudanese populations

WE-RISE! Smart agro-inputs distribution to save the harvest and the livelihood of sudanese populations

August 2023  – Gedaref, Sudan

While Sudan goes through a time of great political fragility, with huge human losses and millions of displaced people, the WE-RISE! project continues its activities supporting the Sudanese population.

In recent weeks, the We-RISE! team selected and delivered a package of smart agro-inputs to support 390 smallholder farmers, belonging to 27 women’s associations, working on livelihood and food security in 9 Gedaref villages through sustainable farming.
1,000 kg of sorghum, 1,200 kg of millet, and 7,500 Kg of groundnut seeds, fertilizer and jute bags have been distributed in Gedaref within the WE-RISE! project.

Since its start on April 15th, the armed conflict has posed a grave threat to vital crops, intensifying the risk of increased hunger and poverty in the country. According to FAO, approximately 65 percent of Sudan’s population relies on the agricultural sector for their livelihoods.

Sudanese farmers were at risk of missing the optimal planting window, which traditionally occurs in July. “They struggle to secure financing for agricultural inputs and faced steep price hikes for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel” (Dabanga Sudan).

This agro-business initiative is part of a wider portfolio of WE-RISE! development and humanitarian interventions. It is promoted by AICS Khartoum and UN Women as contracting authorities, with the teamwork of Mercy Corps (M&E), Microfinanza (TA advisor), and CTC Group (supplier of inputs).


Cover picture: AICS Khartoum

𝗪𝗘-𝗥𝗜𝗦𝗘! is an EU-funded project with the objective of building inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities and creating an enabling environment for the economic, social and educational empowerment of women. The project is implemented by AICS Khartoum and UN Women.

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