Pave the way to women’s empowerment

Pave the way to women’s empowerment

November 9th  – Khartoum, Sudan

The 9th November 2022 marked a turning point for WE-RISE! project.

On this date, AICS Khartoum organized, together with UN Women and Mercy Corps, a closed event with the twofold aim of introducing the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and enshrine the launch of R3 component, entrusted to Mercy Corps in partnership with Jasmar NGO.

Key WE-RISE! stakeholders had the chance to receive updates on the project’s state of art as well as on the first results achieved by the implementing partners: Microfinanza Srl for Result 1; UN Women for Result 2; and Mercy Corps for Result 3.

In this framework, Microfinanza SRL President Giampietro Pizzo described the multi-level intervention strategy adopted by Microfinanza under the WE-RISE! Result 1. The intervention strategy promotes specific actions at micro, meso and macro level of the financial ecosystem and aims at building synergies among multiple organizations and stakeholders, for the creation of a conducive economic environment and the promotion of women financial inclusion in Sudan.

The event constituted also the occasion to focus on economic and financial macro phenomena affecting Sudan and future perspectives of intervention.


Italian Ambassador – H.E. Michele Tommasi
EU Ambassador – H.E. Aidan O’Hara
AICS Vice Director – Maria Cristina Pescante
UNWomen Country Representative – Adjaratou Fataou Ndiaye
Mercy Corps Country Representative – Sibongani Kayola
WE-RISE! AICS – Costanza Matafu’

  • Presentation of WE-RISE! And Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
  • MICROFINANZA S.r.l – Giampietro Pizzo
    Leverage for Impact. Presentation of R1 WE-RISE! Microfinance intervention
  • WE-RISE! UNW – Mona Elshareif Tazora
  • Presentation of R2 WE-RISE! Strengthening entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • WE-RISE! UNW – Johanna Maulak Findings on Social Norms study
  • Mercy Corps – Robert Vokes
  • Presentation of R3 WE-RISE! Promotion of Positive Social Norms Action

𝗪𝗘-𝗥𝗜𝗦𝗘! is an EU-funded project with the objective of building inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities and creating an enabling environment for the economic, social and educational empowerment of women.

The project is implemented by AICS Cooperazione Khartoum and UN Women.


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