Microfinanza Corporate Sustainability Report

Vicenza, 1st September 2022

Our first Corporate Sustainability Report 

Sustainability is not a product but a process: it requires attention to the unexpected, organizational culture and a spirit of innovation.
[Giampietro Pizzo, President of Microfinanza, Introduction to the Corporate Sustainability Report]

The Sustainability Report supplements Microfinanza Srl’s financial statements in order to inform all stakeholders about the company’s performance not only from an economic and financial point of view, but also from an environmental and social perspective

Sustainability reporting has been prepared taking into consideration internationally accepted guidelines, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards), the most authoritative and widespread models in the field of non-financial reporting.

The reporting activity is based on a triple level: governance, social and environmental. The areas that are most likely to influence the strategic choices of Microfinance and its stakeholders have been identified through an analysis conducted internally involving governance and the corporate population in general.

Areas of intervention

During 2021, Microfinanza has implemented several projects in Italy, Europe and around the world, with the aim of fostering a process of financial and social inclusion, in order to ensure opportunities and rights to everyone, while respecting diversity and authentic sustainability.
The leitmotif of Microfinance’s work is sustainable development, for a lasting, inclusive economic growth, with a focus on reducing inequalities, supporting the empowerment of women by fostering their integration into society.

Microfinance interventions in 2021 covered:

  • Technical cooperation with financial institutions, for monitoring and evaluation
  • The promotion of green and rural finance
  • Financial education and social entrepreneurship


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