Webinar – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

May 15th 2023 - online

Discover the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Shape your international career

Do you want to start a business or have you just set one up? Do you want to learn from and be inspired by successful entrepreneurs from all over Europe (and beyond)? Discover all the opportunities of the programme!

Scholarships from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme help you acquire innovative skills with an international network of professionals from every sector and with financial support to cover travel and accommodation costs. The EU-funded exchange programme offers the opportunity to work abroad for a period of 1 to 6 months with experienced entrepreneurs to strengthen the skills you need to develop your business idea.

Microfinance is an intermediary organisation and local contact centre for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme and supports would-be and experienced entrepreneurs in the registration and participation process.

Register to the webinar organized by Eurocultura Eurocultura.

In the first part of the webinar, speaker Matteo Solivo presents the project. In the second part he answers questions from participants arriving via chat.

Targeted to: young people, students, unemployed people, workers, professionals, parents, teachers, counsellors, people interested in entering the world of work and/or starting a business, and the topic of internationalisation and social innovation.


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