Financial education training tools tailored to microfinance sector operators and their clients in Tunisia

Financial education training tools tailored to microfinance sector operators and their clients in Tunisia

Tunis, June 2024

Over the past six months, Microfinanza has been working on a financial education path for microfinance sector operators and their clients.

The technical assistance is part of ADA‘s activities to implement the National Financial Inclusion strategy (SNIF) by fostering the adoption of the National Financial Education Programme (PNEF) in Tunisia.  Microfinanza has designed a financial education pathway for microfinance institution and payment institutions.
The objective is to strengthen the capacity of the front-line operators (loan officers and payment agents) to deliver  effective financial education services to the clients, thus enhancing their financial inclusion and well-being.

The path developed by Microfinanza and ADA includes an innovative, practical and accessible catalogue of financial education worksheets covering six main topics: family budgeting, digital services, savings, debt, business, and risk management. In-person training for financial institution operators prepared a pilot adoption by some institutions.

Financial education meets the need to inform and support people to improve their knowledge of financial products and concepts; it enables them to acquire the skills and confidence to become aware of financial risks and opportunities in order to make informed choices and take steps to improve their financial well-being.

Didactic worksheets

Financial education modules

Hours of in-person training for trainers

Loan officers and commercial agents trained

Clients receiving financial education

On 6 June 2024 the restitution workshop was held in Tunis, with the participation of the main national Microfinance sector stakeholders. ADA and Microfinanza experts presented the results of the first three months of pilot adoption of these financial education tools by several financial institutions and payment institutions in Tunisia.

The showcase of Microcred was extremely informative. The institution stressed the importance of financial education tools to better understand clients’ needs, raise their awareness and identify possible financial risks. In three months, more than 3500 people have received financial education services thanks to the use of these tools by the loan officers.

Thanks for their participation to: ADA, OIF, ACM, Microcred, ENDA Tamweel, Taysir, El Amel Microfinance, Advans, DAAM, Zitouna Tamkeen; ENDA Cash, ViaMobile,  WafaCash, Payvago and GIZ.

A preview of the didactic slideshows

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