“Confessioni di un NEET”, discussion with Sandro Frizziero

Confessioni di un NEET is the novel with which Sandro Frizziero, writer and literature professor, participated in the final selection of the John Fante Prize in 2019. The protagonist of the book is a young man born and raised in Chioggia, who, like one out of four young Italians today, is NEET, that is, he does not study or work.
The acronym NEET, increasingly used and sometimes misunderstood, characterizes an extremely heterogeneous group, ranging from young people looking for a job, to young people with disabilities excluded, to young people who have decided to isolate themselves and have given up any project to enter the world of work.

The protagonist of the book we are talking about today belongs to the latter category. He has made a lock-down of his life, barricaded at home and separated from the outside world, which does not frighten him but which he deeply despises. Deliberately locked up in 12 square metres, connected to the world only through the screen of his PC, he comes out of his physically soundproofed bubble only to eat his mother’s baked pasta; our character seems not to suffer this situation, on the contrary he claims it as a free choice. His parents do not seem to have understood his real intentions and continue to hope that, sooner or later, he will find a job.

Beyond the particular reading of the NEET phenomenon, this book is also an implacable criticism of our society in which we run between work, gym and Sunday lunch at the in-laws’ house, a society full of contradictions that creates false needs. Without arriving at such extreme behaviour as his, one ends up understanding and almost sympathising with the protagonist and why he has decided to distance himself from the rest of society.

Today we have the pleasure of having the author of the book, Sandro Frizziero, as our guest; we willd iscuss about the NEET phenomemnon, a subject on which we have been working at Microfinanza for several years in Italy and Europe, a subject that is particularly close to our hearts.


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