Venetex joins the R-imprendo initiative

Venetex joins the R-imprendo initiative, launched in April as a potential solution to the social and economic hostilities that the pandemic generates. With an appropriate ethical and inclusive approach, the partnership, composed of Microfinanza Srl, MFR, Ecomill, modefinance, ImpactAge and Venetex, aims to support businesses in accessing credit and to prepare them for tomorrow’s economy. 
Everything starts from the re-calibration of the business strategy, from the definition of sustainable objectives in economic-financial and social terms, adapting the core business to the needs of the moment and the possibilities of the future.
The added value of Venetex to the partnership will be to allow companies to exchange goods and services, reciprocally, thus creating lasting relationships and saving cash.
The R-imprendo service is expanding and adapting to the needs of companies hit by the crisis, becoming the right solution for those seeking new opportunities and a possible revival.

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