Thinking Space

Welcome #EEA Grants Project YES!โ€™ brand-new Peer Learning Platform –ย to support all those interested in, develop programmes and policies for or simply work with #NEETs.

This Platform offers short #ThinkingSpacePapers with information, tools, ideas, solutions and best practices on how to enable young people to enter th@YouthEmployemn6 e labour market.

They are meant to inspire, encourage testing of ideas & practices and offer links to further reading.

The project YES! is financed by the EEA and Norway grant. #YoungEntrepreneursSucceed

๐Ÿ‘ Have a look for #growingknowledgebase

๐Ÿ‘ Find a source for #inspiration, #bestpractices, #programmedevelopment, #impactassessment and #successstories

๐Ÿ‘ Share your own experience with the EEA community

๐Ÿ‘‰If you have ideas for further papers or you feel inspired to contribute with an own paper, please contact Sylvie Feindt ( or Laura Pacareu Flotats (

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