Bilbao, 10 February 2022

Bizkaia hosts the creation of MicroEurope, an innovative social investment company

MicroEurope will have its headquarters in Bilbao, where Seed Capital Bizkaia will be in charge of its technical secretariat.


MicroEurope has been promoted by a group of 8 individual professionals with extensive experience in the field of microfinance in the European context, as well as by 3 institutions that act as anchor investors and are benchmarks in this sector: Giampietro Pizzo, Andrea Limone, Maria Doiciu, Katia Raguzzoni, Fabio Malanchini, Svetlana Roganovic, Klaas Molenaar, Elwin Groenevelt, Phitrust, Banca Popolare Etica and Seed Capital Bizkaia.

MicroEurope aims to offer social investors a new way of working in microfinance from a social and people-centred approach with a clear inclusive vocation.

Microfinance institutions face the challenge of expanding in the near future to become a real tool for social inclusion for those people who are excluded by the traditional financial system.

In this context, MicroEurope offers financial support and technical assistance to financial service providers to enable them to implement growth and expansion strategies in microfinance management in which social and environmental impact, governance and network building are of particular importance.

MicroEurope invests where there is a chance to include more.

More info on the website: www.microeurope.eu

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