We maintain our services during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear distinguished colleagues, partners, clients and donors,

In light of the emergence and spread of COVID-19, Microfinanza has taken all the needed measures to halt its further spread. Our team is currently working remotely during these challenging times, complying with regulations received in the different countries where we are working, and will refrain from any business travels and further limit all physical meetings to its absolute minimum.

Nevertheless, we want to assure you of the continued services of Microfinanza. All our experts have the means to provide our services in the same way as before; we will also maintain our virtual meetings and conference calls with you as we used to before the World COVID-19 crisis. Given that we are used to work remotely, there will be no visible changes in our working relationship with you, and we kindly ask you to try to keep our working relationship as normal as possible so that we can move forward with our activities and ‘be ready’ as soon as travelling and physical meetings will once again be possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@microfinanza.com, or join us on the social networks.

We stay tuned and remain committed to our tasks and duties – as always, in line with our values and our mission.

Warm regards,

The Microfinanza Team

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