Conference: NEETs in Sicily, struggle to access to labour market, objective and personal barriers

Microfinanza is organizing a conference in Sicilia, as part of the “YES! (Young Entrepreneurs Succeed)” project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

The conference will focus on the problems of NEETs and their insertion into the job market in Sicily, analyzing the structural and cultural barriers that prevent young people from expressing their full potential and finding or creating their professional path.

During the two days of the event, we will deepen the specificities of the Sicilian territory and labor market and the innovative approach proposed by the YES! involving experts and operators who work daily on these issues, both on the territory and nationally.

The conference will take place in Syracuse on 5 and 6 March and is open to the public. To register send an email to

Read more about the situation of NEETs in Sicily here.

Programme of the first day, 5th of March, Palazzo Vermexio, Municipio di Siracusa – Piazza Duomo, 4, Ortigia:

Programme of the second day, 6th of March, Impact Hub Siracusa, Via Mirabella, 20, Siracusa, Ortigia:

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