Microfinanza Srl was created in October 2000 in Italy by seven professionals with specific experience in the field of microcredit and development.

The current members of the Board of Directors involved in the daily management of the company are the following:


Giampietro Pizzo

Fabio Malanchini

Massimo Vita

Microfinance Srl is professionally equipped in order to identify, follow and support the different projects and programme at European and International level. Microfinanza can rely on a pool of consultants that can fluently speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Swedish.


The main consultants involved in the daily management of project activities are:

  • Giampietro Pizzo
  • Massimo Vita
  • Katia Raguzzoni
  • François Rossier
  • Maria Grandinson
  • Fabio Tarantini
  • David Berno
  • Cristian Bevacqua
  • Alessandro Baroni
  • Umberto Trivella
  • Valeria E. Pujia
  • Edoardo Scalco
  • Marco Pasini