Who we are

Microfinanza Srl is an Italian leading microfinance consultancy firm and a pioneer with more than a decade of experience in providing a wide range of services in several fields:

  • Rural and Urban Microfinance
  • Finance for Development and financial inclusion
  • Institutional Building and Strategic Planning  
  • Gap Analysis and Credit Registry


The current members of the Board of Directors involved in the daily management of the company are the following:


Giampietro Pizzo

Fabio Malanchini

Massimo Vita


Microfinance Srl is professionally equipped in order to identify, follow and support the different projects and programme at European and International level. Microfinanza can rely on a pool of consultants that can fluently speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Swedish.


The main consultants involved in the daily management of project activities are:

  • Pizzo Giampietro
  • Vita Massimo
  • Raguzzoni Katia
  • Grandinson Maria
  • Malanchini Fabio
  • Pasini Marco
  • Pujia Valeria
  • Scalco Edoardo 
  • Solivo Matteo

Giampietro Pizzo

Giampietro is a founding member of Microfinanza Srl and held the position of President of the company since 2007; he is also a founding member of RITMI, the Italian Microfinance Network and he has been also the vice President of the European Microfinance Network.  Giampietro is an economist and microfinance specialist with 28 years of international experience. His knowledge and experience cover several areas with a specific focus on: financial inclusion, rural finance and SMEs finance. He worked on the field as a consultant, project manager and regional coordinator in Latin America, Carribean, Sub Saharan Africa and MENA.

Between 1987 and 2003 he worked for numerous Development Cooperation Programs in Africa and Latin America acquiring specific experience and acknowledgment of the social, cultural, economic and institutional context in several African and MENA countries. Moreover he has over 22 years of experience in technical assistance to MFIs and financial institutions, SMEs, international and territorial cooperation programs. He has gained specific expertise in assisting MFIs both in the start-up phase and in the consolidation phase; training programs, cooperation programs evaluation and feasibility studies of financial tools (guarantee funds); credit lines and participative credit.

Giampietro spent 5 years (2003-2008) at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) as Team Leader of a IMFA/UE Program in the framework of a communitarian program (FESR funds) aimed to support the implementation of regional programs of internationalization, development and cohesion. He was responsible for the management of institutional and technical activities managing a 10 million EUR Technical Assistance facility. The responsibilities of his position included i) the management of an experts database and the selection of experts; ii) the identification of Technical Assistance actions and TORs formulation; iii) the management of institutional and technical relationships with partners and beneficiaries of the technical assistance component; iv) monitoring and internal evaluation. He coordinated multidisciplinary teams of experts in multicultural contexts and has gained considerable expertise in working with different financial institutions, partners and stakeholders. 

In the last 3 years Giampietro actively coordinated several Technical Assistance projects in Morocco, Haiti, Tunisia as well as evaluation process in Sub Saharan African countries and Laos (UNCDF initiative).

Massimo Vita

Massimo is a partner of MICROFINANZA SRL and he carried out a number of consultancies in corporate governance, risk management, and business planning worldwide. In collaboration with PROMIFIN-COSUDE (Swiss Cooperation) a project managed by TRIODOS FACET (now ENCLUDE), he developed a number of technical guides and tools intended to evaluate the effectiveness of MFI governance in providing oversight and strategic guidance. At present, Massimo works as Head of the Operations Support Team (OST) for CreditAccess Asia (CAA) and he is Chair of the Board of Directors for two of CAA’s microfinance institutions (Indonesia and Philippines). In the 5 years between 2011 and 2015, Massimo worked as TA Field Expert in the REGMIFA TA Facility managed by SYMBIOTICS SA and he was responsible for identifying TA needs of MFIs in Sub-Saharan Africa, drafting TA project proposals, selecting consultants and evaluating the implementation and impact of the TA projects. Massimo is also a founder of MICROFINANZA RATING Srl, an international microfinance rating agency, where he performed more than 100 rating missions worldwide between 2003 and 2009, managed the start-up of two offices in Latin America, held the position of Operations Director worldwide and of a Board member for the African Microfinance Transparency association. Prior to this, Massimo collaborated shortly with UNIDO at the SME department and he worked 3 years for ARTHUR ANDERSEN in the provision of audit and risk consulting services for financial institutions. Massimo graduated in Economics and holds a Master's Degree in Development Finance. Currently, he is also Chair of the Steering Committee for the Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM), a member of the Governance Working Group managed by CFI-ACCION, a member of the Steering Committee of the African Board Fellowship managed by CFI-ACCION and a Faculty Member at the Microfinance Training Program for the Boulder Institute teaching risk governance, financial risk assessment and internal control in microfinance.

Katia Raguzzoni

Mrs Raguzzoni has 16 years’ experience with 48 months in non-European countries (Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Uruguay, Tanzania, Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali). She has been involved in the Technical assistance, in the framework of a Project implemented by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in support to Italian public administrations and local authorities for promoting internalisation process, territorial cooperation initiatives and local development process; involved in the programming process as member of the drafting team for the ENPI/Cross Border Cooperation Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme and of the Enpi/Cross Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Tunisia. Katia has a significant experience in the field of project design and project management and in providing technical assistance to local partners during the feasibility and implementing project phases. Since 2008 Mrs Raguzzoni is collaborating with Microfinanza Srl she is involved in the technical assistance area by identifying, managing and supporting international microfinance projects and programs. From January 2012 to June 2015 she worked also as backstopping officer in the framework  of the TA Facility of Regional MSME Investment Fund for sub-Saharan Africa  (REGMIFA) (www.regmifa.com). In the framework of the Jasmine initiative she collaborated with RITMI – the Italian Network of Microfinance Institutions in providing training to some selected Italian institutions on business model canvas and business planning. Extensively involved in field evaluation missions and technical assistance to MFIs, Cooperatives and local associations on capacity building processes, diagnostics, governance, procedures and evaluation. From January to December 2016 she coordinates the technical assistance  component (to be provided by Microfinanza, Banca Etica and Cassa Padana), in support of the saving and credit cooperatives and their union, UCASC in Palestine, within the framework of the Start Up Palestine Program - AICS

Marco Pasini

Marco Pasini works for Microfinanza srl since late 2014: he's been a member of the experts team of the final evaluation of YouthStart - a project implemented by UNCDF - visiting Burkina Faso and Malawi, and he is now implementing Microfinanza's projects in Haiti.

He has 12 years experience in development projects, 6 years on projects regarding Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle east, and 6 years on projects regarding Sub Saharan Africa. With a background in International Relations and postgraduate studies in microfinance and rural development, since 2013 he's focusing on microfinance, working for IDYDC, a Tanzanian NGO (2013), and Microfinanza Srl (end 2014 to date), and completing the course for Certified Expert in Microfinance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in March 2015.

He has been working on programmes with all the major international donors - EU, ECHO, Unicef, Ocha, UNCDF, DfID, Usaid, National Ministries, Regional authorities - as well as private donors like Bank Foundations (UBS and others), Italian Episcopal Conference. His competence covers the whole project cycle, from drafting to implementing, monitoring, accounting and reporting projects. He has 2 years field experience in Africa, one in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2007-2008) and one in Tanzania (2013) working for national and international NGOs. He is fluent in English and French and can speak Spanish and Kiswahili.

Valeria Eleonora Pujia

Ms. Valeria Eleonora Pujia has 5 years of professional experience in the microfinance sector. She has a solid preparation in applied economics, supported by quantitative and qualitative tools. She joined Microfinanza Srl in 2011 and she mainly works on: i) capacity building to MFIs, cooperatives and banks, with a strong focus on Social Performance Management and Client Protection; ii) program evaluation; (iii) market research and data analysis.

She has acquired field experience in several developing and emerging countries, including a recent long term experience in Cambodia. She occasionally collaborates with Microfinanza Rating and with Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo Onlus.

She is graduated in Economics with a Master of Science Degree from Bocconi University in Milan. She also has a diploma in Development International and Cooperation from ISPI (Italian Institute for International Political Studies). She fluently speaks Italian, English and Portuguese.

Edoardo Scalco

Edoardo is a chartered accountant with experience in the fields of business development and microfinance. 

He has matured a deep professional experience in business and tax consultancy firms. He is mainly involved in assignments related to training and tutoring of MSMEs, technical assistance to MFIs/microcredit programs, development of microcredit schemes in rural areas and financial education for youth, migrants and refugees, in Italy, Africa and MENA countries.

He has a Master Degree in Economics and Accounting resulted in the Italian professional title of Chartered Accountant.

He is an active member of the Financial Education Work Group of the “Rete Italiana di Microfinanza” (RITMI). 

He fluently speaks English and has a good knowledge of Spanish and German.